Black Eagles Introduction

Black Eagles is Republic of Korea Air Force demonstration Team That boasts high level of teamwork and flying performances through various demonstration maneuvers.

  1. 01.
    Black Eagles provide people opportunities to understand and approach ROKAF easily, also aims to let more people know about ROKAF through the highly sophisticated flying maneuvers. Moreover, Black Eagles is trying its best to be the best aerobatic team, to promote ROKAF to the people all over the world. Black Eagles is composed of eight elite pilots with the Korea-made exceptionally qualified aircraft, T-50B, and has been participating in more than 50 airshow events annually.
  2. 02.
    As the team requires high level of expertise and teamwork. the pilots are assigned through very rigorous selection processes. First, Team members must have a lot of experience, not to mention good grade, and have been a flight leader who can lead more than four fighter jets. To make it more rigorous, the selection process is further advanced to a series of interviews and discussions, and with all these, each potential candidate must receive unanimous approval from all current team members in order to become an official Black Eagle member. These rigorous selection process shows that the capacity of all Black Eagles pilots denies the comparison with that of others. Furthermore, not only the pilots but also other members working in maintenance, public affairs and other supporting sectors are strictly chosen for the best-quality flight.
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    Under the squadron commander, the formation of Black Eagle is comprised of eight positions, #1 Leader flies in the head and leads the entire formation. #2 Left Wing, #3 Right Wing, and #4 Slot pilots demonstrate the formation maneuvers with #1 Leader. #5 Synchro and #6 Synchro forms another formation with themselves and performs disciplined maneuvers. Finally, #7 Solo and #8 provide dynamic and thrilling maneuvers.