Colonel Lim Han-il.

Colonel Lim Han-il.

Greetings to all,

This is the Commander of the 53rd Air Demonstration Group, Colonel Lim Han-il.

Our Group, better known as the Black Eagles, have heightened ROKAF's stature by successfully accomplishing missions on and off pen at multitudes of air shows and exhibitions.

The air shows we execute are the fruits of our hard work and time we spend in preparation. Our efforts aided us in earning the people's firm trust and support.

All Group members, through teamwork and communication, feel pride in being part of the Black Eagles.

The Black Eagles, and all members of the 53rd Group will fly until the day we become ROK'S symbol to the world. We promise to elevate the nation's stature to new heights, and to bring happiness for the people.

Thank you

Colonel Lim Han-il.